24 Day Challenge Accepted 

Started my second round of 24 Day Challenges. This one is a little more like a cleanse and less about weight loss or gain. Just trying to get the “cruise weight” back to normal. I lost down from 263 to 235 before the cruise using the a variety of Advocare products including the challenge as well as exercise, diet, effort, and of course intent. On the cruise I was intent on enjoying myself which include a very poor but delicious diet. So over 8 days I gained back up to 249 then once I got my land legs back I stabilized at 242. This is my starting point for this challenge. 

Day 1: A little Argus update…. Did pretty well. Stayed under my caloric needs while hitting the gym for a little chest and abs day. Not quite enough cardio. On a positive note since I committed to Spark I have yet to drink the soda since March…. Key word is committed. 


Rocking Day 2: Tough to stay on point during football season. Morning workouts take a lot out of me but was able to drink fiber shake, hit my morning protein shake and boiled eggs then hit my meal replacement shake for lunch. Afternoon workout powered by Spark, mass impact, and arginine along with Biocharge. Throw in some O2 gold and catalyst and I was able to eat a healthy dinner of roast and veggies. Lots of water today. Morning weight checked in at 239.4. 

Day 3: Wing night! To be more precise Trivia night so I always have to watch the diet during the day to eat some wings at Trivia. Rocked an awesome leg workout and checked in at 237.4 this morning.  


Day 4:

Rockin right along. Woke up round 6:30 am with a weight of bout 237. My little sleep app is a fun way to start the day and I was right about 91% efficiency for the night. Whatever that means. 😄 Knocked down my protein shake and boiled eggs for breakfast, Advocare meal replacement shake for lunch, and you never really remember how good a homegrown tomato sandwich is until you have a homegrown tomato sandwich. I had two for dinner after workouts. One was a nice BLT #awesome! Powered through back day today with preworkout shake and workout shake both created with Advocare products. Add that to coaching football/girls soccer, watering the garden, and swimming and it’s been a most productive day.  


Day 5: Not much to report here. Still rocking the cleanse. Trying to eat clean with the help of my products. Knocked out the workout on my day off and even managed to relax around the house without binging. Woke up about 234 today!

Day 6 and 7: Had a good Saturday Day 6. Ate right and exercised. Day 7 was a little tougher as is all Sunday’s. Family day! Lunch was a “clean lunch” but ma and pa Compton always bake the sweets on Sunday too! I did partake a little 😄🍩🍧.  Rocking about 235 over the weekend. 

Day 9 Monday July 14, 2015

Missed day 8 report…. Nothing much to report other than staying on the cleanse, drinking my spark and taking my other Adovcare products.  Hit a workout everyday so far and rocked both day 8 and day 9 workouts. Started some interval running for two minutes then hitting my typical gym workout in between for 20 minutes. Chest and abs Monday then shoulders with abs on Tuesday. Covered roughly 1.75 total miles each day over the interval two minute jogs. Long story short…. Woke up today at 232.4 With hard work, dedication, staying on my Advocare products and hang in on the clean eating I am hoping to break 230 by the end of the challenge! 


Day 10 and 11

Well finished day 10 of the cleanse on Trivia night! So eat well during the day, plenty of water and wings at trivia along with some house salad. Knocked out a great workout. After trivia night checked in the next morning at 234. Using my Advocare products to beast a low cal diet and rockin workouts. Finished day 11 down at 231 after workouts. Gonna hit a little pizza and more water then off to bed. 

Day 12

Struggled a bit at the end of day 12. Played golf in the morning and covered about 14000 steps during the day including my bicep and tricep workout. Came home to a family cookout where no amount on resolve was going to hold me back of hamburgers and hotdogs from the grill. The parents topped it off with homemade ice cream. So the scale tips a little heavy this Saturday morning 😄. 

Day 15

Only 9 more days in this 24 day cleanse/challenge. Hanging around 234 after a tough weekend. Couple of cookouts and some sweets sort of wrecked my progress but I am still down from 242 and touching the low 230’s on a regular basis. Still hoping to touch the upper 220’s by the end. Still hitting the workouts hard! Leg day tomorrow!!! 😄💪🏻

Day 17

Rocked leg day and back day. Staying true to the 3 demandments of Hulk Hogan…. Take your vitamins, train hard, and say your prayers. 😎 Today after spending a day in the sun for FCA football camp I checked in at 225. Knowing some of that was from working hard and being out in the sun but still. It’s 225! Hitting some BLT’s tonight and rocking some rehydrate! 7 days to maintain and stay below 230! That’s my goal.  

Day 22

Only 2 days left!! Still clinging to 232…… Gonna be close coming off the Wednesday trivia night but il the good thing is I have set myself up to be in the low 220’s by the end of August!

Last day today! Officially the last weigh in day is tomorrow July 30. But coming off Wednesday trivia night not gonna be the best weigh-in morning probably. So looks like with the bus safety meeting today and some errands I will not be able to workout either!!!! 😞 This reset and cleanse has set me up for an awesome start to the school year!!!!!  




If you do a quick “Google” of the word “Purpose” you will find definitions such as the reason for doing something,  a person’s intent or the objective. This is what I often struggle with at times is the “Purpose” or intent  I am living for. Being a coach of multiple sports spanning a variety of ages, a teacher also covering a varied age range, and having my own private life I ponder my true intent in life and why God has me on the course I am on. While I am not a profound religious person I am a Believer and this is another purpose driven area I struggle with. 

Since March of this year me and my wife have been driven by some life goals and purpose. We defined two basic goals: Be healthy enough to do the things we want to now and later in life as well as be financially healthy to do the things we want now and later in life.  

Pretty simple right!😄👍🏻👍🏻 Well it is but I still burn for a clear purpose. During the last few months we went on a cruise and during this time a thought kept popping up in my mind. The simple word of “intent”. Did you wake up this day with intent? Did you come to work with intent? Although I know intent and purpose are essentially the same idea but for some internal reason I feel intent indicates a more forceful short term action where purpose indicates a long term overall action. 

With this idea I started looking at my daily activities and searching to understand my intent and did I approach the activity with intent……. The answer is often I approached the activity with a long term purpose but lack intent and concentrated effort in the short term. 

Now I try to daily challenge myself to attack my life with intent to fulfill the purpose God has set out before me.  Always asking myself did I approach and finish my work day, my workout, my yard work, and even activities like church or social gathering with intent. Intent to do it right! Intent to complete the job or task at hand to accomplish my long term purpose. 

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